Social Media Strategies

Strategies in Social Networks

Social Media Strategies

At 3Naves we specialize in creating marketing strategies on social networks. Using social networks -Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, Pinterest, etc.- allows you to create an active and knowledgeable community about your products, your services and/or your value proposition.

Our service consists of the following basic tasks:

  • Definition of the strategy in Social Networks: Advice regarding the marketing strategy to carry out. Strategic analysis of the project. Thoroughly analyze the information available to guide the strategy.
  • Periodicity: Regular posts on social networks that are defined in the strategy. A schedule with topics is created and a schedule of publications is established according to the best engagement.
  • Development of graphic pieces, photographs and videos.
  • Creation of segmented advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram ADS to reach the desired users. Carrying out a successful strategy with results in social networks requires investing yes or yes in online advertising
  • Constant monitoring of actions.
  • Report: a management, statistical and qualitative report will be sent monthly.

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