Digital Graphic Designer / UI / UX

Digital Graphic Designer / UI / UX

Freelance or part-time digital graphic designer in the form of telecommuting , with solid knowledge mainly in making Web/Mobile Sites and applications, including their layout, and creating pieces for said sites and social networks.

Digital Graphic Designer / UI / UX

The tasks basically consist of:

  • Design of Web and Mobile Interfaces
  • HTML/CSS layout of web sites and applications
  • Layout and web content management
  • Design of pieces for social networks and websites

Is required:

  • Knowledge of interface and user experience
  • Be detailed in aesthetic adjustments
  • Extensive knowledge in Responsive design
  • Knowledge in CSS animation and application of the same in the user experience
  • Knowledge of the Bootsrap framework

Knowledge in javascript and especially in jQuery will also be valued

Send CV, portfolio of work done and expected remuneration to .

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