Online Marketing Strategies

We are specialists in the development and positioning of ONLINE businesses .

To meet this goal, we advise and accompany each of our clients in their growth, to provide them with the best tactics and tools that allow them to achieve their goals and increase the benefits of their business.

We adapt personalized strategies and solutions to each company and its reality, strengthening its business model and increasing the competitiveness of the brand in the market.
With our Online Marketing service, we help you become aware of the possibilities for growth and how to carry them out to consolidate your business.

After carrying out an initial evaluation , we develop a strategic plan to meet short, medium and long term objectives.

And constantly, evaluations of the results obtained with each of the actions are carried out, to make the necessary adjustments and thus reinforce the actions that were successful and rework those tactics that did not meet the expected objectives.

Without this constant evaluation, the project would drag the same mistakes over and over again without being aware of those actions that were positive and those that need improvement. Therefore, without reporting results , the digital business strategy is doomed to failure.


digital marketing plan

Defining a digital marketing plan then, consists of 4 fundamental parts:

  1. Survey
  2. Analysis
  3. Diagnosis
  4. and Action Plan.


1. Survey

We analyze your company and the market

We carry out a SWOT analysis of your business to define its situation and a derived action plan. We study the competition , its services, its contents . We study everything : architecture, usability, content publication frequency, themes, etc. and we compare it with your project to offer you the best digital strategy.

2. Analysis

We find your target audience

We look for your target audience based on factors such as: demographic, cultural profile, user profile, origin, frequency of visits, place of access, other websites they visit, design expectations, purchasing behavior. We value all your personal characteristics and we definitely think about what your ideal client would like to find.

3. Diagnosis

We seek to offer your users the most satisfying online experience possible.

Technology has become in recent years a product aimed at end users and although obviously the experience of each user is subjective, those of us who create technology have been forced to incorporate concepts such as: design, usability, metrics, etc. anything in order to somehow measure what users "feel" when they visit a website or our social profiles.

4. Action plan

We design your online positioning strategy so that they find you before your competition

The objective of a good online positioning strategy is to ensure that the consumer has a clear idea of both the brand itself and the company behind it. A good positioning reduces your advertising costs since it naturally appears in the first search places.


Definition of Integrated Jobs

Our integrated Online Communication solutions service aims to combine different strategies and tools to optimize brand positioning and increase your company's profits .

This service is designed for those organizations that are looking for a complete service that integrates Online and Offline Marketing strategies, digital business consulting and ongoing advice.

Before defining what type of solutions your company needs, at 3Naves we carry out an exhaustive evaluation to identify and apply the best alternatives for your business.
The Integrated Solutions service for your company may consist of:

  • Design and/or update of corporate identity .
  • Graphic design.
  • Web development.
  • Mobile app development.
  • Online Advertising and Marketing.
  • Social media.
  • Online Press.
  • Consulting: advice, monitoring and development of comprehensive strategies to boost your business.

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