Hosting service

Our development requires a LAMP environment (Linux - apache - Mysql - PHP) and certain specific requirements regarding the configuration of the hosting to work correctly since it is not a static site that only uses the basic Web languages (XHTML - CSS - FLASH - JAVASCRIPT) .


Therefore, we host your project on our servers for several reasons:

  • It will be installed in a preferential and exclusive service, since it will only share the space with few sites in a VPS (Virtual Private Server) , contrary to what happens with a "shared hosting" where the space is shared by thousands of sites.
  • Our server is installed in Texas / United States and whose performance is of maximum quality.
  • The server configuration adapts 100% to our SISFOX system, which allows us to increase the guarantee of optimal operation


These are our plans:


5 gigabytes

10 gigabytes

15 gigs

30 gigs

Space 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB 30 GB
Transfer 100 GB 200 GB 350 GB 700 GB
Monthly Value $ 9.- $ 18.- $ 27.- $ 54.-
Semiannual Value * $ 49.5.- $ 99.- $ 148.5.- $ 297.-
Annual Value ** $ 99.- $ 198.- $ 297.- $ 594.-

Prices are expressed American Dollars and include taxes.
* For semiannual prepayment , half a month is discounted.-
** For annual prepayment , one month is deducted.


Our basic service includes the following qualities:

  • Unlimited e-mail accounts and webmail access to them.
  • Access to the general control panel of the service that allows among other things to make backups of the site, register email accounts, etc.


The hosting payment must be made from 1 to 10 months in advance. After expiration, a surcharge of 5% will be charged for late payment.


Monthly delivery limit (for newsletters)

The service DOES NOT INCLUDE massive shipments per month . to do it you must buy credits and whose cost you can see on this page
It is absolutely forbidden to send SPAM - doing so may involve closing the account.


Important note

Our goal is to have a service of quality and excellence and therefore, we care that the operation of the server is 100% stable and fast.
Under this premise, it is important to note that a considerable increase in visits to your site can affect server resources and to solve it, you must simply increase these resources which obviously implies an increase in costs.
If this issue happens, we will need to change the standard cost offered with prior notice and approval from you.



Via 24-hour e-mail to
NOTE: In non-working hours (from 18 to 9 hours), inquiries are received via e-mail only and will be answered as soon as possible and depending on the urgency. Otherwise, they will be answered the next day and during business hours.

Do you want us to help you?

Contact us by message to our Whatsapp +54 9 11 4049 8805 , by email to or complete the contact form at the end of the page. For any questions we are at your disposal.

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