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email marketing

We create your email marketing campaigns

Our comprehensive service consists of designing, programming and sending your email marketing campaigns. You only have to explain to us what you want to achieve, what audience you want to target, etc. We develop the creativity, the programming and we send you the delivery. Or if you prefer, you can buy credits in our NXPost shipping system and self-manage your campaigns.

We guarantee the highest possible level of reception and opening, in addition to the statistics for each shipment.

as simple as

Compose your message, select the contact lists that will receive it and make or schedule the delivery.

why choose it

This system is ideal for institutional communications, newsletters, product launches, events, etc.

Why improve communication

  • Unify contact lists and avoid overlapping of the same email sent from different departments of the company to the same person.
  • This first measure has the advantage that the internal and external public associates them with sending "quality information" and not with "continuously repeated email bombardment", which makes them lose credibility and reliability.
  • Through the NXPost lists, you can have a complete agenda, organizing and unifying the lists of incomplete mailings scattered on various machines.
  • You have complete control over the design of the message, since the system offers a base template from which the different communications to be sent are assembled. Said template bears the logo of the company or institution and the institutional colors, together with the footer of standard signatures for the company and personalized signatures for each person who sends the emails. For example: a signature for the Coordinator, another for Communication, another for the Board of Directors of the Association, etc.
  • This template contributes to forming an image of the institution before its public (the recipient, just by looking at the email they have received, associates that email with the company or institution that sends it).
  • This leads to easy brand identification.
  • The system allows effective monitoring of the messages sent and to whom. It gives us permanent information on who the email was sent to, the email addresses that are outdated so they can be reviewed, how many people (and who) opened the links or attachments, etc.

Some of our clients

  • Argentine Winery Association
  • Borges Cultural Center
  • Municipality of Las Heras
  • Mendocino Business Center
  • Argentine Montessori Foundation
  • Art Factory - Maximiliano Guerra dance school
  • Film, Video and Audiovisual Arts Guide
  • North Pillar Properties
  • mega travel
  • Soaje & Pinto properties
  • Exchange Institute
  • New Century School
  • among others

Do you want us to help you?

Contact us by message to our Whatsapp +54 9 11 4049 8805 , by email to comunica@3naves.com or complete the contact form at the end of the page. For any questions we are at your disposal.

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