Content Marketing Strategies

seo strategies

We know how to create and spread your web content on the Internet

Defining a Content Marketing strategy through content planning allows you to expand brand positioning, SEO Positioning and reach the desired users with quality content of interest.

Our service consists of the following basic tasks:

  • Work to obtain a strong Natural Positioning (SEO) in Google as a source of quality user traffic.
  • Generate segmented advertising campaigns on Google and/or on social networks such as Facebook to reach the users desired by the searches they carry out related to the concept searched mainly by their potential customers, and convert the highest possible percentage of them into downloads (through CRO , Conversion Rate Optimization).
  • Graphic design service for the creation of pieces to be used in the campaign.
  • Web Analytics. We will carry out a continuous online and offline analysis to be able to make joint decisions and evaluate the progress of the project. Analyze all the work done and cross-check the online and offline information in order to make joint decisions for improvement.

"Today it is not only important to be present on the Internet, but it is also important to use all the tools it offers, to make yourself known and effectively achieve results."

We work on your web positioning (SEO, Search Engine Optimization)

Each web page of your project has specific needs based on the following concepts: target audience, type of product or service, objectives to be achieved, implementation of the brand, etc.

We carry out a consultancy of your website, we optimize it and we get to work to help you climb to the top search positions, so that they find you before your competition.

  • We define a list of keywords on which to base the SEO strategy
  • We create articles to attract visitors, communicate Differential Value and increase SEO Positioning. Surely you have heard that "content is king" , because it is 100% true! Our writing team can prepare for you all the articles you need to keep your blog or website up to date.
  • We improve the website by optimizing technical aspects, its link structure, design and content to improve usability, conversion orientation and user perception of the quality of the services/products offered.
  • We analyze direct competition to detect opportunities for improvement.
  • We thoroughly analyze the information available through google analytics, google search console and google ADS (in the case that you carry out the campaigns) to guide the strategy.
  • Among other relevant tasks for the best positioning strategy .

content production

  • Writing of texts / contents / Articles
  • Video production and photography
  • Graphic design
  • e-books
  • infographics
  • storytelling
  • instructions

Monitoring and continuous analysis

We continuously monitor the work done, offering you essential information that will allow you to improve your products, find out which ones are liked more and which ones less, checking the performance of your offers. Making daily, weekly, monthly or annual traffic comparisons. Who visits you the most? What parts of the web do you like the most? What works the least for you?

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