Why outsource the Online Marketing service?

Why outsource the Online Marketing service?

If your company wants to expand its business online, we will tell you about the benefits of outsourcing the Online Marketing service to enhance and optimize the results of your business.

1. Increase the productivity of your company

By having external solutions that help you grow your business, internal processes are greatly benefited. This is because it reduces the time you have to spend developing, implementing and measuring a digital marketing strategy in-house.

Outsourcing the digital marketing service implies that the company only has to worry about:

  • Provide required information: this data allows you to prepare an adequate analysis of the current state of the company and develop strategies according to your business that allow you to exceed your objectives. If your agency does not have the information it needs, it ends up working with unrealistic data that does not allow it to generate a consumption trend or determine the necessary adjustments to exceed the objectives.
  • “Let yourself be advised” : this point is essential to develop a successful digital marketing strategy. At 3Naves we believe that dialogue and knowledge feedback between the agency and the company is essential to achieve the objectives. An agency that does not listen to the demand of the company or a company that does not apply the suggestions of the agency is destined to fail. The key to success is being open to change to improve and reinforce what is already working well.

If your company is willing to meet these requirements, then you are ready to look for a digital marketing agency to help you expand your business.

2. Cut costs

Opening a digital marketing area within your company is more expensive than investing in an external solution.

This is because it requires:

  • Incorporate a complete team of specialized professionals.
  • Meet your space and material needs to perform your daily tasks. Ex: computers, office supplies.
  • Pay a proportional increase in taxes and social charges before the incorporation of personnel.

A team with these characteristics must have among its tasks the design of strategies, their application and the measurement of results for each of the segments that make up marketing and digital communication.

At 3Naves we offer comprehensive Digital Marketing solutions that are made up of advertising strategies in Google Adwords, Positioning in Google, Facebook Ads, Social Media, Content Generation and Email Marketing.

3. Agencies offer comprehensive solutions

We are an agency made up of professionals specialized in each area of ​​digital marketing and we work together to provide personalized solutions for each client. For more information, go to our article “4 benefits of integrated marketing” .

4. Allows you to delegate work from the Digital Marketing area

​If your company already has a Digital Marketing team but is overwhelmed with work, outsourcing part of the tasks is a good option to continue improving the area without losing sight of the objectives already set and the quality of each of the actions.

In this way, the tasks of the internal team are decompressed and collaborative strategies are applied so that both work teams work in unison without losing productivity and efficiency.

5. Outsourcing a service implies greater objectivity

The external look is a good kick to detect flaws or aspects that could be improved in a company or organization.

On some occasions, the members of the company feel inclined to defend their own business from the observations of others. This look conditioned by affection can be counterproductive because it does not allow to solve the obstacles that the company presents to continue growing.

It is important to keep in mind that agencies do not come to destroy but to continue building together with the company in pursuit of a common goal.

At 3Naves we justify each one of our suggestions taking into account our experience in the Digital Marketing market, the analysis of your company in particular and the demands of your clients.

Find out how the 3Naves Comprehensive Marketing Service can benefit your business, contact us at comunica@3naves.com


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