What does the video production process consist of?

What does the video production process consist of?

At 3Naves we tell you what the recommended steps are when producing a video for YouTube, the video platform with more than a billion users around the world.

1. Choose a theme

The first step in developing a video is to understand what the main topic is and what is expected to be explained with this material. Another important point is to analyze if a video is the best way to explain that particular topic instead of going into an article or an interactive infographic.

Knowing the past of the company allows us to return to the genesis of the enterprise and return to those points that are considered valuable to continue reinforcing, understand the lessons of past experiences and understand what does not have to be repeated.

2. Create a script

Once you have defined the topic that you are going to talk about in your video, the next step is to develop a script that allows you to guide yourself with the images you need, the text you have to say, the locations or places to film and what is the order of each. scene when you have to edit.

At 3Naves we opt for the technical script format that separates the image (animations, video clips, plates, movements, etc.) from the sound (voiceover, audio effects, musical curtains, etc.).

Technical script example:

Image Audio


Transition: cross dissolution.

Short medium shot of protagonist.

Zoom out.

Musical curtain fade in.

Voiceover “....”

3. Select the materials and shoot

After designing a script, the images or illustrations that will be used for the video are selected.

In this same stage, the filming of each of the scenes is carried out following the guidelines indicated in the script.

4. Edit and make the animations

The videos require certain pieces of artistic composition such as logos, informative bases, introductions and plates. To make these animations, programs such as After Effects or Cinema4D are used.

During the editing or assembly of the video, the shots that were best are selected and all the elements that make up the script are combined. Among the most used video editing programs are Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro.

5. Review

At the end of editing, the video is reviewed to touch up those aspects that were not quite right before uploading the video to YouTube.

6. Upload the video to YouTube and promote it

Once the video is ready and uploaded to YouTube, the next step is to give it visibility through your social networks or your website.

Below we show you some of the explanatory videos that we develop in 3Naves for our clients:

  • VDS - Video Wall Models

And you, what process do you take into account to produce your videos? Tell us your experience!

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