The best days and times to post according to each industry

The best days and times to post according to each industry

In a Social Media strategy it is extremely important to know what are the best times to contact your audience, taking into account user behavior trends in each of the social networks.

According to the consulting firm ComScore, for every 8 minutes that an Argentine user spends on the Internet, 3.5 are spent on Social Media channels . For this reason, at 3Naves we consider it important to tell you about those moments when you cannot stop contacting your followers.

IMPORTANT : the following information is merely indicative, taking into account the general patterns for each of the sectors. We recommend complementing this data with an analysis of the behavior of the specific audience of the company to know if it coincides with the general trend or not.

Mejores días y horarios para postear en redes sociales según cada industria

Recommended times to publish for each social network

When publishing content on social networks, it is important to know our audience beforehand and understand what schedule or routine they could carry out, whether they are students or workers.

These are the recommended times to post on each social network:

Twitter: between 9 and 11 AM and between 1 and 3 PM. It is advisable to publish between 2 and 3 tweets per day.

Linkedin: between 8 and 10 AM and between 5 and 7 PM. Post at least once a week.

Google+: between 9 and 11 AM. Posting once a week is recommended.

Instagram: between 5 and 7 PM at least once a week.

Pinterest: between 2 and 4 PM and between 8 and 11 PM. Posting on Saturdays is recommended.

Recommended times to post by Industry

LinchinSEO, Shareablee, BudyMedia and PandemicLabs are four of the companies that analyzed the behavior trend of users in social networks according to each sector of the economy. Below we present their common points and differences for each of the results obtained.


According to the company LinchinSEO, during the weekends there is an increase of 15% in the interaction of users who follow companies linked to the world of automobiles.

For its part, the latest report published by Shareablee , the platform for statistics and digital trends in the US, states that more than 60% of the interactions in the automotive industry take place during the weekends.

The latest data obtained by BuddyMedia reinforces this trend, confirming that Sunday is the best day to publish content on social networks.

fashion and beauty

For this sector, LinchinSEO defines Thursdays and Saturdays as the days with the highest audience participation .

For its part, PandemicLabs adds Wednesday as another recommended time to publish content for the “Fashion” segment.

In this case, the most used social networks are Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest . It is recommended that Youtubers specialized in this segment also take into account the moments of greatest interaction with their followers to get the most out of their videos.


In its latest report, BuddyMedia states that the day retailers receive the most engagement is Wednesday (8% more engagement than the rest of the week).

On the contrary, LinchinSEO states that the best days to post are the weekends due to the fact that users make the most interactions than the rest of the days of the week.

Leisure and entertainment

Weekends have a 20% increase in user engagement. Buddy Media states that between Friday and Sunday the highest number of interactions is recorded, with Sunday being the day with the highest participation. In the case of businesses related to cinema, it is also advisable to disseminate information on Thursdays, bearing in mind that it is the day on which moviegoers wait for the billboards to be updated.


For restaurants or food outlets, PandemiaLabs recommends publishing content on Thursdays because it is the time when users plan the activities they will carry out during the weekend.

Friday at noon is another excellent opportunity to strengthen communication with customers through attractive proposals focused on different types of outings. Eg: meeting with friends, family or partner.


Mondays and Tuesdays have a 30% increase in interactions compared to the rest of the days of the week. Unlike the other sectors, it is estimated that the greatest participation of users is recorded during working hours. In this case, users are inclined to find out about the latest developments in the technology market or to comment on reviews of new products or applications.


LinchinSEO and Buddy Media state that weekends and particularly Sundays are the days of greatest interaction between users. The "during" and moments after the matches are the most commented on social networks with a large percentage of multiscreen consumption (that is, users interact with another device while watching TV).

Business and Finance

Finally, BuddyMedia registers the highest interaction peaks on Wednesdays for the Business and Finance sector. The moments of greatest participation and traffic are recorded between 8 and 12 am, that is, during arrival at work and the first hours of the working day. In this case, users prefer to visit news sites with a large circulation or specialized in this particular topic.

Taking these behavior trends into account, at 3Naves we help you easily connect with your audience by complementing this data with the behavior pattern of your target customers.

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