Know the personality of the users according to each social network

Know the personality of the users according to each social network

According to a study published in 2014 by the consulting firm Carrier y Asociados, about 21 million Argentines are part of the community of users immersed in social networks .

Although most people enter these spaces to communicate with their environment or to pass the time, it is essential to know what type of audience identifies with each of them and what their own codes or languages are in order to invert the contents of the best possible way.

In all cases, multimedia materials (photos, videos and infographics) are the ones that obtain the most interaction and visibility in online communities .


It is the social network with the largest number of users worldwide (1.1 billion). This type of audience uses Facebook to share experiences, opinions or information of interest with other users.

When publishing a post, it is important not to exceed 250 characters and include calls to action to increase the level of interaction with users. When disseminating news links, it is essential that the publication has an allusive photo that helps capture the interest of the audience.

When generating content for Facebook, the communication team has to take into account that their update competes with that of other users who are friends of their followers. Therefore, a good starting point is to ask yourself if a user would stop seeing a friend's vacation photos for reviewing the content published by your company.


It is the second social network with the highest number of users. It is characterized by being a space for reporting, breaking news viralization and event coverage. According to the Carrier y Asociados study, about 22% of Argentine users who connect to the Internet are part of the Twitter community, a number far exceeded by the flow of local Internet users who spend their time on Facebook (89%).

Each tweet cannot exceed 140 characters and the use of no more than 3 #hashtags associated with words with a high amount of traffic within Twitter is recommended. To reach the target audience that may be interested in this type of content, it is advisable to combine generic terms (#training) with specific terms (#EducationDay).

Making content related to the latest trends or trending topics on Twitter is another excellent strategy to increase the traffic and visibility of your tweets.


It is the network of professionals par excellence, although in Argentina an adoption of 10% is registered. The users who most frequently use this social network are associated with the technology and business market.

Uploading the CV online and updating it periodically is not the only activity available on this social network. The most active users discuss topics associated with their profession in Linkedin groups and use formal language, bearing in mind that they may be observed by potential employers or strategic partners.

Analyzing this behavior, at 3Naves we recommend disseminating institutional news through the company page to attract profiles that feel identified with the ideals of the institution. In this case, it is advisable to maintain the formal language that is used in this community.

In addition, we believe that it is essential to encourage company members to participate in Linkedin discussions and share content of interest that can help keep them updated on the latest market trends.


This application is one of the preferred by Millennials who are characterized by being creative and extroverted users.

Although the study published by Carrier y Asociados in 2014 states that only 7% of Argentine Internet users use this social network, it is important to clarify that its use has grown significantly in recent months. This is due to the promotion of famous figures from the Argentine show business who began to use this social network to contact their audience showing different aspects of their daily routine.

Among the common interests of Instagram users are fashion, entertainment, life & style and gourmet spaces . If your company is part of any of these areas, we recommend that you start planning your communication strategy via Instagram by taking professional quality photos through your smartphone. Don't forget to apply the filters and labels!


Only 2% of Argentine users use this social network, in any case it is important that you know what this type of audience stands out for if it coincides with your target audience.

From the beginning, Pinterest was very popular with creatives whose interests were related to cooking, decoration, design and fashion. As on Instagram, artistic and professional photography is a "must", although the most active users in this case are women with children.

Finally, taking into account the behavior of the users of each of the social networks and their own codes is essential when correctly applying a Social Media strategy and increasing the level of interaction of your followers.


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