How to migrate emails from one server to another?

How to migrate emails from one server to another?
When we are migrating a server site, we always have the problem of how to transfer the emails from the old to the new one and especially if their control panels are different. In this post, we explain 2 possible actions to take to meet this goal.

In general, it is unlikely to transfer emails from one server to another by means of a backup since the configurations of both are usually different.

Also, if you had mail configured with the IMAP protocol and you have not configured your client (outlook for example) to leave a copy on your machine, the e-mails are all on the server and when you change it, our inbox will remain completely empty!

Faced with this, we offer you 2 ideas so that you can carry out this task.

  1. Setting up your old account in your email client (outlook for example) and moving all emails to the new one.
  2. Or use a tool that we found looking for the solution to this issue, which allows us to "synchronize" the accounts between servers thanks to the people at OVH hosting .

1. Set up our old account and move the emails

This is one of the simplest options since it involves configuring your old server account as if it were any email account, and once it is activated you can simply transfer the e-mails from this account to the new one, which you will also have to have previously configured in your mail client (Outlook, Windows Live, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.)

Of course, the only issue that you will have to take into account and consult with the support of your previous server, is that they inform you what the IP is to connect to it, and of course, that they do not delete your account until you have made the transfer.

The IP is a 12-digit number separated in groups of 3 by a point. For example:

You will have to place this IP in the configuration of both the POP/IMAP and SMTP servers. The latter, the SMTP is not so necessary because it is the "outgoing" server and you will not be interested in sending e-mails from the old server.

Then, you will place your username and password of the previous server.

And most importantly, configure the account with the IMAP protocol since it will synchronize your outlook with all the e-mails you have on the server: Inbox, Folders you have created, Deleted, Sent, Junk (spam), etc.

Once you have finished the configuration, all emails will be downloaded to your machine and you will see both accounts in your client. The only thing left to do then is to simply move the e-mails to the corresponding folders.

NOTE: also remember to configure your new account with the IMAP protocol since when you move the e-mails, you will be copying them to your new server.

2. Use the IMAPCOPY tool

The tool is called IMAPCOPY and can be accessed from the following address:

In principle, its use is very simple and only requires 3 steps:

  1. Complete in the form the information requested regarding the email account to be transferred (origin).
  2. Complete the second form with the data requested regarding the new email account (destination).
  3. And once the synchronization is validated, the system will start it and you can even close the page since your emails will be copied to the destination.

It can be connected to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, exchange or "other" services.

The data requested in both accounts and to connect are:

  1. Service : Whether it is Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Exchange, or "another" service.
  2. Login (user): The user used to connect to the account. Usually it is the email account. Eg
  3. Password (key): The password of your account.
  4. IMAP server: The name of the mail server.
  5. SSL: If you connect via Secure Sockets Layer. If we are not sure, it is best not to activate this field.

IMAP server

Generally the name of the server is, but we must take into account that being in the process of migration, one of the 2 servers will not be available with the domain name, so it is recommended to use it in both cases , the IP number.

To know the IP of both servers, please consult with your support.


First, we complete the form with the data of our original account and press validate.

Imap Copy Source

If the access is validated, it will give us a message confirming the connection and the second form to complete with our destination account:

Imap Copy Destination

Like the previous step, if it connects well then it will give us a message and a new screen to approve the "synchronization"

Imap Copy Synchro

Click on the button and the system will start the synchronization between both servers. Keep in mind that depending on the size of the mailbox it can take minutes or maybe hours to finish.

The system has a form where you can enter your account at any time and find out the synchronization status.

Imap Copy Check 1

Imap Copy Check 2

Imap Copy Check 3

We hope that this article has been very useful to you and if you like it, please share it!

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