Definition of business goals in the short, medium and long term

Definition of business goals in the short, medium and long term

The goals are the north of all business strategy. Without them, it is not possible for any organization to conceptualize, design and create the path to follow to achieve them.

Definition of business goals in the short, medium and long term

Goals are the basic element for any company, and by defining them we can finally determine the objectives to be met for each of them.

In other words, the goals would be the destination and the objectives, the different paths to take to reach it. Of course, when defining these objectives, one must be very aware of the time factor to achieve them, and that is why there are always 3 types of objectives: short, medium and long term.

At 3Naves we help you correctly define these objectives so that they allow you to increase the benefits of your business.

short term goals

Short-term objectives can be defined on a monthly basis, in the case of large companies, since they have a higher billing flow than that of a small or medium-sized company. In the case of SMEs, it is advisable to think of short-term objectives that can be measured after 3 or 6 months.

Just as we defined in our article "7 tips for defining a digital communication strategy" , short-term goals are an excellent tactic to advance little by little in the proposed business strategy, analyzing the results and applying the necessary adjustments over time. determined without losing sight of the ultimate long-term goal.

Example of short-term goals : "For the next 3 months I want to increase the amount of sales by xx% compared to the same period last year."

Medium-term objectives

These are the objectives to be achieved over a year and can even be biannual.

Example of medium-term goals:

  • "For this year our billing goal is $xxxx".
  • "We want to reach more than 1 million users in our online communities."
  • "We want to open a branch in another country."
  • "We want to establish a new line of business."

long term goals

Long-term goals have to do with how companies look after 5 years or more.

Taking into account this photograph that they wish to see in the future, in the agency we develop actions in the short and medium term that are guided by the fulfillment of this goal.

Example of long-term goals :

  • "We want to position ourselves as the most important company in our sector."
  • "I want to be a benchmark in my specialty."
  • "I want to expand my business to the entire region."

What are goals for?

Once the objectives have been set, at 3Naves we develop a comprehensive business strategy with actions to be followed to achieve each of these goals in the required period and thus enhance the results of your business.


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