Content Marketing: why it is important for your company

Content Marketing: why it is important for your company

With the advancement of the Internet, the consumption habits of customers have been changing. Today before making a purchase, users do their own research instead of seeking advice from a seller as a first option.

During this process, they conduct online searches, compare prices and products, consult online communities about the best option according to their needs, among other actions.

Through Content Marketing, relevant content is created with the target audience targeted by the brand. For this, the different stages of purchase in which the user may find themselves are taken into account and content linked to this purpose is prepared to accompany them throughout the entire process that leads to the purchase.

What type of content is part of this strategy?

At 3Naves we develop the following types of content that are part of our Content Marketing strategy:

  • Articles.
  • Videos: tutorials, institutional pieces.
  • Fixed and interactive infographics.
  • Ebooks.
  • White papers.
  • Storytelling.

Benefits of Content Marketing or Content Management

  • Improves brand positioning.
  • Turns the members of the company into experts in their area.
  • It generates constant content and provides feedback to other channels.
  • Encourage audience participation on social media.
  • It accompanies the customer not only in the purchase process but also during their post-sale experience.
  • Improve the brand experience.

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