7 Tips for defining a Digital Communication strategy

7 Tips for defining a Digital Communication strategy

We offer you 7 tips to successfully develop a strategy in digital channels.

7 Tips for defining a Digital Communication strategy

At 3Naves we recommend carrying out the following steps

1. Evaluate the reputation and history of actions on the web

When starting to outline our strategy, although it is important to analyze the image that users have of the brand on the Internet, it is also essential to know what actions the company carried out in the digital context.

Apart from satisfaction surveys, Marketing teams can assess the reputation of the company on the web by searching social networks, forums or search engines such as Google. Through the eyes of the users, new characteristics can be included that are part of the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), a methodology that allows us to get even closer to the objective reality of the company.

During the first stage of strategy definition, it is essential to analyze the previous actions that the company developed on the Internet to optimize which ones worked correctly and which ones are better to discard.

2. Define short and long term goals

Short-term goals are an excellent tactic to advance little by little in the Digital Communication strategy, analyzing the results and applying the necessary adjustments in a given time without losing sight of the final long-term objective.

A short-term goal might be to reach 100 Facebook followers per month. If it exceeds or falls below that figure, its percentage variation must be calculated during the measurement of results.

Following this parameter, a long-term goal could be to reach 2,400 followers in two years or to position the brand on the Internet as one of the most important competitors in its field.

3. Channel selection

We evaluate the industrial sector to which the company belongs with its own characteristics and the behavior of the users that are part of its target audience. Based on this analysis, the channels that could be used to satisfy their needs are defined.

Not all companies have content that could attract attention on Facebook, nor do all companies need to appear among the first positions in Google Adwords. For this reason, selecting the right channels for each company is essential to invest the greatest amount of resources in places where we can meet our target audience.

4. Define budget and human resources

When defining a digital communication strategy, it is not necessary to develop all the processes internally; you can also choose to outsource specific services or the entire process in general. In these cases, continuous communication of excellent quality between the client and the agency is essential. For this reason, 3Naves highlights the importance of the 5E (Listen, Understand, Evaluate, Expose and Channel) as part of the communication strategy with customers.

The online communication budget must take into account the investment in advertising, human resources and the purchase of materials.

5. Define tools

At this point, the technological solutions and methodologies that will be used to carry out each of the processes are defined.

The tools necessary to develop a digital communication strategy can be divided into two large groups:

  • Necessary technical equipment : These are the physical materials that the company requires to carry out its daily tasks. Eg: PC's, video cameras, work areas.
  • Technological solutions tailored to the company : specialized online and offline programs for each of the tasks. Ex: Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for the design and editing of graphic pieces.

Taking into account the tools you need, it is even easier to define a budget in advance on the investment required to develop a digital communication strategy in-house.

6. Launch Proposal

Once an evaluation of the company, the market and user behavior is carried out, the agency makes a launch proposal in case it does not have a previous digital communication strategy or if it needs to start from scratch by inaugurating one of its channels.

The objective of this action is to draw maximum attention and increase the flow of users to convert them into customers over time. For this, special graphic pieces are developed and it is recommended to invest in advertising to further increase the chances of impacting the target audience from the beginning.

7. Results report

Each action you take must be measured to determine what was its degree of acceptance and interaction and how this response could benefit the company. Without any measurement, it is not possible to know the current state of the company or the impact that the digital communication strategy is having in the short, medium and long term.

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